Cyber Crime

Back in 2014, I was a victim of cybercrime. One time as I was trying to access my email address as I typed in my password I was surprised to be informed I had put a wrong password. Before this incidence I would often log in my account using the same password and I was able to see my mail. Then I had an option of recovering my email using various methods yahoo offered. There was one where you can recover using your phone number unfortunately while signing up for yahoo I did not choose it as one of the methods to obtain my email. The second method was recovering your email using a second email address you have and this was the method I chose the only challenge was I had long stopped using my secondary email address hence yahoo deleted the account.  Before the attack browsing on face book using my phone or laptop was effective since I got logged in without having to put my password or username again.  The hacker did not stop there and my face book account was also hacked and the only way to recover it was to use the email address that was also hacked into. Then I knew I had lost both my face book account and my yahoo email address.

How to Decide Which Computer to Buy

Have you ever thought how you’re going to choose the best computer for yourself but end up confused since there are so many options and often difficult to determine what the technical jargon mean. images (7)For example what computer display do you need? which processor do you choose? Which graphic cards you will need? How much space do you you need in your hard drive? … and so many  other questions. Whenever you buy a  computer, you should consider there are two machines types. We have Desktop computers that are stationary and large while portable computers are small and easy to carry when travelling. Portable computers include ultrabooks, laptops, netbooks, and tablets